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Saturday, 31 August 2013

difference between CORE i3,CORE i5,CORE i7

> Core i3:
* Entry level processor.
* 2-4 Cores
* 4 Threads
* Hyper-Threading ­ (efficient use of processor resources)
* 3-4 MB Cache
* 32 nm Silicon (less heat and energy)

-> Core i5:
* Mid range processor.
* 2-4 Cores

Founders of the MNC

1. GOOGLE : Larry Page & Sergey Brin .
2. FACEBOOK : Mark Zuckerberg .
3. YAHOO : David Filo & Jerry Yang.
4. TWITTER : Jack Dorsey & Dick Costolo.
5. INTERNET : Tim Berners Lee .
6. LINKDIN : Reid Hoffman, AllenBlue & Koonstantin Guericke.
7. EMAIL : Shiva Ayyadurai.
8. GTALK : Richard Wah kan .
9. WHATS UP : Laurel Kirtz.
10. HOTMAIL : Sabeer Bhatia.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

what is thread in java...?

Thread is a light wait process.In java, Thread is class which are extends to the our program.

Thread class have a run method which will be executed the thread.start( ) method will be call the run method and execute whenever the program run Thread are executed in parallel so the which thread are first execute and which are second is not decided.

class Thread1 extends Thread
public void run()
for(int i=0;i<5;i++)
System.out.println("Thread 1: " + i);
class Thread2 extends Thread
public void run()
for(int i=0;i<5;i++)
System.out.println("Thread 2: " + i);
class Thread3 extends Thread
public void run()
for(int i=0;i<5;i++)
System.out.println("Thread 3: " + i);

class demo
public static void main(String args[])
Thread1 t1 = new Thread1();
Thread2 t2 = new Thread2();
Thread3 t3 = new Thread3();



Thread class has a setPriority() method which will be setting the priority and consider which thread are execute in first.

value of the setPriority() method:


Default priority is NORM_PRIORITY.

Netsky and Sasser Worlds Deadliest Virus

computer virus is a type of malware that, when executed, replicates by inserting copies of itself (possibly modified) into othercomputer programs, data files, or the boot sector of the hard drive; when this replication succeeds, the affected areas are then said to be "infected".[1][2][3] Viruses often perform some type of harmful activity on infected hosts, such as stealing hard disk space or CPUtime, accessing private information, corrupting data, displaying political or humorous messages on the user's screen, spamming their contacts, or logging their keystrokes. However, not all viruses carry a destructive payload or attempt to hide themselves—the defining characteristic of viruses is that they are self-replicating computer programs which install themselves without the user's consent.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A basic explanation of cryptography.

Before I begin, I'll be using these terms a lot:

'Cryptography' is "the field concerned with linguistic and mathematical techniques for securing information, particularly in communications."

'Encryption' is "the process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge."

A 'Cypher' or 'Encipherment' is "an algorithm for performing encryption (and the reverse, decryption)  a series of well-defined steps that can be followed as a procedure."

Cryptography has played a major role in history, and has effected the outcome of many wars. Knowledge is power, which is especially true on the battlefield. If you know your enemy's plans, you can win a war with an army half the size.

simple log in program in C.

For those interested in learning c ?... This is a simple login program in C. While accepting password it masks each character using ‘*’ symbol and display the password in the next line after the user hits Enter key. It also accepts backspaces and acts accordingly.


char pw[25],ch;
int i;
void main()
puts(“Enter password”);
break; /*13 is ASCII value of ENTER*/
if(ch==8) /*ASCII value of BACKSPACE*/

how to hide drive..?

Most of you must have wondered if there exists a way without using software to Hide A Drive completely so that it cannot be viewed or accessed without unlocking it. so, here is a easiest method to hide drive simple 4 steps.

Follow The Steps For Do This.. 

1. Goto run type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes)

2. select user configuration —> administrative templates —> windows components —> windows explorer(click on it)

3. On right panel search for hide theses specified drives in my computer.

4. Double click it mark on enable to hide the drive and select drive the which you want to hide. If u wanted to hide all the drives which are on your system then select restrict all drives.
to make it unhidden mark on disable option.

Change icon of Any Drive

For this you need an icon image i.e.; with extension "ICO" example "drivea.ico"

Copy the icon file to the root of the drive.
example: c:\drivea.ico

Then create a file called: autorun.inf in the root directory c:\autorun.inf.
Simply Right click->New->Text Document. Rename it to autorun.inf (.inf is Extension)

Next open that file and type the following:


Save and close the file.

Now open my computer and refresh.. and woh! icon changed....
you can apply to other drives too.

"autorun.inf" and "ico.ico" must be in the root of the drive.
example: c:\autorun.inf and c:\drivea.ico.
same on the root.

How to Spoof Caller ID – Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing is the act of making the telephone network to display any desired (Fake) number on the recipient’s Caller ID display unit instead of
the original number. With this, it is possible to make a call appear to have come from any phone number that the caller wishes.

Have you ever wondered to know how to perform this? Read on to know more information on how to spoof Caller ID.

Unlike what most people think, an incoming call may not be from the number that is displayed on the Caller ID display unit. Because of the high trust that the people have in the Caller ID system, it is possible for the caller to easily fool them and make them believe that the number displayed on the Caller ID display is real. This is all possible through Caller ID spoofing.

Interesting Facts About Microsoft Windows

1. You Can't Create A Folder
Named "Con".
Try It!
2. Write The Following Text Into
"Bush Hid The Facts"
Save The File And Re-Open And
See The Magic
3. Open Microsoft Word And Type
=Rand(200, 99)
And Press Enter And See The
About This 3rd Fact, The Whole
Microsoft Team, Even Bill Gate
Itself Does Not Know Why This

How to make Windows 7 Genuine ..

1.) Download this file and Extract it .(Turn of Your Antivirus)
2.) Run "Windows Loader.exe"
3.) Click on Install and let application do its work .
4.) Restart your PC (Turn on Antivirus now)

Bingo !! You have Genuine Windows 7 . You can do live update ..
(I have tested on 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

What is PHP?


PHP was originally an acronym for Personal Home Pages, but is now a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP was originally developed by the Danish Greenlander Rasmus Lerdorf, and was subsequently developed as open source. PHP is not a proper web standard - but an open-source technology. PHP is neither real programming language - but PHP lets you use so-called scripting in your documents.

To describe what a PHP page is, you could say that it is a file with the extension .php that contains a combination of HTML tags and scripts that run on a web server.

What Is Backtrack ?

BackTrack is a distribution based on the UbuntuGNU/Linux distribution aimed at digital forensics and penetration testing use. It is named after backtracking, a search algorithm. The current version is Kali, codenamed “Penetration Testing Redefind."
Tools BackTrack /Kali provides users with easy access to a comprehensive and large collection of security-related tools ranging from port scanners to password crackers. Support for Live CD and Live USBfunctionality allows users to boot BackTrack directly from portable media without requiring installation, though permanent installation to hard disk is also an option.

Friday, 23 August 2013

How to access cmd command prompt at school/anywhere where they block cmd.

First, open up: WordPad
Second type, this in:

Third: Save it as: Gautam.bat

But make sure "All Files" is checked, or it might save it as *.TXT (That wont work.) It has to be a *.BAT file!

And also, this is not a virus. As its simply, a piece of BATCH file code. that when you click the *.BAT file, you saved: Command Prompt will open, aka Windows DOS.....

How to block and replace the Website on aPC..?

My computer=> C drive => Windows=>System32=>drivers=>etc=> host file

Open host file in WordPad or notepad

Now open CMD and type in CMD ping then copy the IP Address of Google website

In host file just write the IPaddress of Google website that you copy and name of the website which one you want to block.


What is CookieLogeer..?

A CookieLogger is a Script that is Used to Steal anybody’s Cookies and stores it into a Log File from where you can read the Cookies of the Victim.

Cookies stores all the necessary Information about one’s account , using this information you can hack anybody’s account and change his password. If you get the Cookies of the Victim you can Hack any account the Victim is Logged into i.e. you can hack Google, Yahoo, Orkut, Facebook, Flickr etc.

Today we are going to show How to make your own Cookie Logger…Hope you will enjoy Reading it …

Step 1: Save the notepad file from the link below and Rename it as Fun.gif:

How to create jar virus..?

This paper explains how to create a virus, that infects runnable Java Archive Files (JAR) while preserving their functionality. I invented this technique, but I think it is something you can easily come up with once you know how a JAR works.

The emphasis lies on the infection technique, not on doing harm or hiding the virus from detection, which would be a whole topic by itself.

I. The Java Archive File

At first you need to know how your host program actually works to preserve the functionality of the host. A JAR file is a ZIP file with the file ending .jar and a file named MANIFEST.MF in it. The JAR usually contains Java Bytecode.

How to Back trace Key loggers..?

Now all key loggers and Rats are sending data to the hacker in regular intervals (usually every 5 to 10 minutes) by using one of the two methods below:

1. Using the Emails: where hacker configures his email ID and password while creating the server. Key logger records the key strokes in a temp file and sends it to the hacker in form of emails. But this has a limit as most free email servers like Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail has limit of 500 composed and received mails. So most hackers use the second method.

How to protect your folder with password..?

1. Open Notepad and Copy code given below into it.

if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK
if NOT EXIST MyFolder goto MDMyFolder
echo Are you sure to lock this folder? (Y/N)
set/p "cho=>"
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to “Delete administrator Password” without any software in windows 8

Step 1. Put your hard disk of your computer in any other pc .

Step 2. Boot that computer and use your hard disk as a 
secondary hard disk (D’nt boot as primary hard disk ).

Step 3. Then open that drive in which the victim’s window(or your window) is installed.
Step 4. Go to location windows->system32->config

Step 5. And delete SAM.exe and SAM.log

A Basic knowledge about the Sim Card

A subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module (SIM) is an integrated circuit that securely stores the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and the related key used to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices ,such as mobile phones and computers.

It is also a portable memory chip used mostly in cell phones that operate on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network. These cards hold the personal information of the account holder, including his or her phone number, address book, text messages, and other data. When a user wants to change phones, he or she can usually easily remove the card from one handset and insert it into another. SIM cards are convenient and popular with many users, and are a key part of developing cell phone technology.

Abbreviation of major IT companies...... .!!!

GOOGLE :- Global Organisation Of
Oriented Group Language of Earth

APPLE:- Asian Passenger Payload Experiment

HP :- Hewlett-Packard

IBM:- International Business Machines Corporation

HCL:-Hindustan Computer Limited

WIPRO:- Western India Product Limited

GE:-General Electronics

INFOSYS:-Information System

TCS:- Tata Consultancy Services

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


(1) Key board — Herman Hollerith, first keypunch device in 1930’s

(2) Transistor — John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & Wiliam Shockley (1947 - 1948)

(3) RAM — An Wang and Jay Forrester (1951)

(4) Trackball — Tom Cranston and Fred Longstaff (1952)

(5) Hard Disk — IBM , The IBM Model 350 Disk File (1956 )

(6) Integrated Circuit— Jack Kilby & Robert Noyce (1958)

(7) Computer Mouse — Douglas Engelbart (1964)

(8) Laser printer— Gary Stark weather at XEROX in 1969.

(9) Floppy Disk— Alan Shugart & IBM( 1970)

(10) Microprocessor — Faggin, Hoff & Mazor – Intel 4004

What is Bot Nets...?

Bot Nets.

A botnet is a collection of infected computers under the control of one or more attackers. These botnets are used for a variety of criminal purposes -– all of which pose serious risk to the infected user as well as to the entire Internet community.

Once your computer is under the control of a botnet, it may be used to spam others, host phishing sites and other illicit files, infect or attack others, or have adware and spyware foisted on it so the attackers can collect from various affiliate advertising programs.

Even worse, many of today’s threats include keylogging capabilities. Of special interest to the attackers are your personal financial details – once stolen they are used for everything from credit card fraud to outright identity theft. In short, it’s not just your computer at risk – it’s your wallet.

How Big Are Botnets?

The botnet population is huge. According to a study by McAfee, "at least 12 million computers around the world (are) compromised by botnets." That means the botnet operators are controlling a population roughly the size of Guatemala. In fact, the number of infected systems would place it at about 70 out of 230 sovereign states and territories. More than Greece, bigger than Hungary, Belgium, Portugal or Cuba, and just a million behind Zimbabwe and Ecuador. The Czech Republic, Bolivia, Sweden, and the Dominican Republic would all be smaller.

While broadband users are favorite targets, dial-up users are equally vulnerable. Various studies have demonstrated that an unpatched, unprotected system can be compromised in as little as 5 minutes online. And if you're thinking it can't happen to you, think again.
What Do Botnets Do?

It's all about the money. Viruses, worms, and Trojans have evolved far beyond the childish pranks of yesteryear. Today's attackers are serious criminals -- in it for the money -- and your system spells international currency.

Botnets are used to steal credit card numbers, siphon intellectual property from companies, relay spam and other unwanted email, launch DDoS attacks, and any other actions desired by the attackers. A botnet is really nothing more than a cloud-based distributed network under the remote control of criminals.

Space on botnets can be leased by other attackers. Botnet operators get somewhere between 15 to 40 cents per infected computer, which means they need thousands of infected computers to make serious cash. And with all the focus on money, and not on notoriety, you can bet they'll make every effort to stay under your radar and get onto your system.

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