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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Protecting Your Wordpress Site From Hackers

Make your wordpress site so it cant be hacked...

1) Go to the plugin section and search Login Lockdown and install this plugin.

What this plugin does....

Makes sure u can only login with your ip and it also has a password feature were you
only get so many times of login attempts but the downside of this is you will need
to update the htaccess folder whenever u move to another area.


Prevents bruteforce attacks.
Ip login feature.

2. You see that update button...Click that and update button in dashboard and update
to the latest version because there is vulnerabilities in the older versions
were u can be hacked.... and also of course keep your plugins up to date because
older versions may cause security risks to your wordpress site.


Protects you from exploit and other old vulnerabilites.

3. Delete any other admin users you have eg test users or people who u cant trust
because this can always turn arround on you.

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