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Saturday, 14 March 2015

wysiwyg editor remove allowfullscreen from iframe in magento

Hello Friends,

Today  I want to saw you that how to add "allowfullscreen" or other attribute in TinyMCE for iframe.

Basically i want to allow "allowfullscreen" to TinyMCE html editor for magento and I also searched this on Google but not found the any solution. so i start to check the tiny_mce.js. and i got the one code and add this attribute in that code. let me share the code for you. so, you can fix this issue yourself.

I tried this for the magento Tiny_Mce but i think this for all framework and cms.

 1. Find tiny_mce.js inside your project and open it

For Magenot : /js/tiny_mce / tiny_mce.js

 2. Find this text inside tiny_mce.js file


Replace with this line


 3. Save the file and now please check with flush the cache(if you use magento)

Enjoy Your Self


  1. Great, Thank you !

  2. Thanks a lot!
    First it did not work after cleaning cache.
    I flushed every cache in magento. And then logout/login. But it still didn't work!?!

    But now, next morning it works?!?

    Anyway thanks a lot.
    It was once again a painfull time-killer.

    Here i found another possibility. I implemented both.



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